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Comfortable Living Room Modern Couches and Sofa

 New Shine for Beautiful Furniture


When properly cared for, your furniture can last for far longer than you think, especially with regular professional upholstery cleaning readily available. Harbor Carpet & Upholstery offers a variety of sofa cleaning, including sectional couches, Recliners, armchair cleaning and ottoman cleaning. We can even thoroughly clean your slipcovers.

Wear and Tear

Look no further than Harbor Carpet’s unique Upholstery Cleaning and Scotchgard Protection services for help in maintaining your upholstery. You can rest assured that, by the time we finish, your furniture will look fresh and clean for years to come. We know what it takes to keep your furniture looking good, whether it’s a sofa or an armchair. Our services also provide the perfect clean for all types of slipcovers and love seats. We understand that everyday wear and tear can take its toll on your pieces, making them look prematurely shabby and dirty.

Clean Furniture, New Living Room

At Harbor Carpet & Upholstery, we developed a deep furniture cleaning method that cleans and refreshes your upholstery. It transforms not only your furniture but the appearance of your entire home, also. We employ highly-trained, honest technicians who work thoroughly to deliver quality results every time. They gently handle all of your furniture as they completely clear it of stains, dirt, and dust. Rest assured in your choice. Be sure to ask about our special prices when you choose more than two of our services.

Specialized Treatment for All Fabrics

For households with pets and small children, we recommend a combination of our unique furniture cleaning method and 3M Scotchgard Protection treatments. This powerful combination prevents stains from permanent saturation in your furniture. Our technicians evaluate your upholstery, and its particular fabric, before advising you of the best treatment to clean the piece completely.